~Have a Song~

April 10, 2018


Flakes of frost flitter and float 

Billowing from a heavenly sieve 

Powdering the terrain with manna 

Greying the green grass of Spring 

With premature middle age 


Driving through a Snow Globe 

While George Strait 

Sings about Marina Del Ray 

I'm broke as a bottle 

But at least I'm not empty 


At times like these 

The devil will try and sit on your chest 

Whisperin all kinds of lies in your ear 

About you bein a failure. 

When that happens just remember 


Your light is fading slow 

So stop and smell the rose 

And take the long way home 

Cause we all die alone 

Then thats all she wrote 

So play out every note 

And if you get it wrong 

As least you'll have a song

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