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~3 Little Pigs~ 

May 15, 2018 


You build a house with Sticks and Stones 

And watch it grow from Skin & Bones 

You spend all of your energy   

To fill it up with memories  


But when you think you've found some peace  

And vanquished all your enemies   

The moment you go out of town 

The wolves will try to blow it down   


Beasts of pray you thoguht were friends 

Will try and tear you limb from limb   

They'll ravage you beyond belief  

Then use your bones to pick their teeth 


So build a wall up strong and tall 

And when the devil comes to call   

Be careful not to let them in    

Or you make take one on the chin  


~At Your Worst~ 

May 3, 2018 


When you have no one to turn to 

All your patience has been run through  

Theres nobody there to watch you     

Will you still put others first  

I need to see you when you're at your worst 


Your best won't ever break you 

It the easy way to take you 

And so I dont mistake you 

With time that can't be reimbursed 

I need to see you when you're at your worst 


When its smooth the demons hide    

But life a can be a bumpy ride   

So before I can decide 

If youre a blessing or a curse 

I need to see you when you're at your worst   


April 23, 2018 


You've been telling me a story   

You've been playing me your song    

I've been taking inventory 

Makes me want to hum allong    

I could sing a couple bars 

That would make it both of ours  

But no one likes to take advice   

And your solo sounds real nice 

I don't wana cramp your style  

So I'll just listen for a while

~Miss You~ 

Apri 16, 2018 


I wish we could go for a walk 

Spring has been chilly 

But I don't even care  

Its been a million years  

Since we've seen eachother 

And I just want to be outside 

Wandering around next to you     

It could be in the middle of the woods 

Or out under the neon lights of the boulevard 

I'm not too picky 


We'll probably never walk on water  

But maybe we can walk on air 

One day, when the good Lord calls us home 

I'll meet up with you in the clouds  

So we can go pick out harps together  

Then we'll just jam the fuck out 

For the rest of ~eternity~  

~7 Days a Week~ 

April 12, 2018


They say that life is many different seasons

But this ones been so rough I swear to Jesus

That I been doin everything I can

Try to pull  myself up people smakin my hand

Tell 'em all go stick it where the Sun Don't Shine

Works every time


Sometime I think I'm guna let em slip away

That may happen but today won't be the day

I never was a cowboy but there's rodeo in me

I ride wild horses seven days a week


~Trying Times~ 

April 11, 2018


I could lay here all day 

Staring at the ceiling 

Just imagining the good things 

The future has in store 

Life is full of joyous moments 

Its inevitable 


There are times of great pain as well

Also Inevitable

Its the work we do along the journey 

That defines which memories 

We'll carry with us into the future 


I'm glad this life isn't perfect or easy

These years have taught me

You have to give kindness away first


Once you learn to show compassion

In the midst of trying times

Nothing can stop you





~Have a Song~ 

April 10, 2018


Flakes of frost flitter and float 

Billowing from a heavenly sieve 

Powdering the terrain with manna 

Greying the green grass of Spring 

With premature middle age 


Driving through a Snow Globe 

While George Strait 

Sings about Marina Del Ray 

I'm broke as a bottle 

But at least I'm not empty 


At times like these 

The devil will try and sit on your chest 

Whisperin all kinds of lies in your ear 

About you bein a failure. 

When that happens just remember 


Your light is fading slow 

So stop and smell the rose 

And take the long way home 

Cause we all die alone 

Then thats all she wrote 

So play out every note 

And if you get it wrong 

As least you'll have a song

~Take a Bow~ 


April 8, 2018


You got this big old heart 

And a smile that barely fits your face 

In front of a room overflowing with people that love you 

At least for tonight 

They believe in your dreams 

Just as much as you do 

Maybe more 


A year ago you would have turned your head 

And let the applause bounce off of you 

Like a plane with no landing gear 

But you can't open your heart 

When your arms are crossed 

So you stretch em out wide 

Like Samson & the Philistines 

And let the temple of love 

Collapse in on you

~Sweet Springs~ 

April 4, 2018 


When I was a boy I buried my heart in Kansas City

Underneath a swing set in my back yard 

Now I have to dig it up 

So I can take it with me to Tennessee 


The towns are stamped chalky white 

On emerald canvases along the innerstate  

I read them out loud, & one by one

They flip over backwards

In my rearview mirror 


Its okay to feel the fear 

But I won't let it surround me 

Life is always changing 

From now on 

I'm going  to make life happen 

Instead of letting it happen to me

~Lion Heart~ 

March 29th, 2018   


This world is expanding

In every direction all at once     

You can spend  a whole lot of years  

Spinning around with a broken compass 

And unless you get lucky 

You'll end up lost with a broken heart 


Sometimes the world will be gray    

But you set a course due North 

And the Land of Oz turns from black & white 

To a pastel technicolor daydream    

Flying Monkeys hovering in the sky          

Cheering for you as you power walk    

The honeysuckle thoroughfares 

You're on a mission  

You're OK on brains, & you got heart to spare  

All you need is the courage