February 14th, 2018


At night I stalk her pictures online, and in the morning, I stagger around the factory floor like a zombie day dreaming. Imagining her draped around my neck. Made in the USA, somewhere in…


February 14, 2018


The first thing you notice is the Rhythm. 

These contraptions lack flesh and bone, yet possess a heart similar to ours. Pumping oil through their veins best they can. 24 hours a day…

~Let it Shine~

February 13, 2018

Take a deep breath. Allow the muscles in your face to relax and soften. Somewhere, between the Moon and Lucifer, you find a moment. Quiet and Still. 

Listen closely, and hear a voice from…

~Lost & Found~

Feb 12, 2018

I've been finding little pieces of my voice.  

They were tucked away in a basement. Locked inside an old dusty trunk along with other contents long forgotten. War Medals. Polaroid photos from back when…