March 10, 2018


I was born in the water 

But now I breathe fire 

Stomping on tall buildings 

& knocking over liquor stores 

Enemy moths thrashing their wings 

Flittering the way your heart…

~Anyone at Anytime~

Inspired by this story: 



March 8, 2018 


She's on auto pilot 

Driving down a familiar stretch of road 

Sore back propped against a leather seat 

Daydreaming of tender mercies 

~National Anthem~

March 7, 2018


 A Dog chases a car down a gravel road 

Mouth wide open 

Choking on dust 

He bays like a Mountain Coyote 

in love with the moon 

America's first national…


March 7, 2018 


D-ance for all your dearly departe-D 

A-pparitions floating w\no agend-A 

N-otice their footsteps have falle-N 

C-are free, arranged by the Zodia-C 

E-ven tiny gyrations left to chanc-E 




March 6, 2018


All the letters of the alphabet  

Arranged in rows and columns 

Soft vowels and hard consonants 

They compose a fabric of ideas 

and are woven into a tapestry of intention 


March 4, 2018


Its like being in a boat  

But in lieu of water, youre surrounded by joy 

The waves come rushing in over the bow 

from all angles

But instead of sinking…

~Stich in Time~


March 1, 2018


Make me a sandwich. 

She's just like the olden days. 

This damsel who cooks and make clothes for her children. Even made the jeans she's wearing. 

 An antique hand cranked featherweight…

~Bear Arms~

March 1, 2018


A stack of textbooks and 4 empty chairs 

Whispers at first 

Followed by howls and screams 

A green and undeveloped mass of humanity oozes into a narrow hall from all directions 

~Blue Ridge~

Feb 25, 2018


I grew up on the shores of the boulevard.  

Late night with cars passing by.  

Their lights would creep in like the devil 

Apparitions waxing and waning  

Gliding across my…

~Words 'a Plenty~

February 19, 2017


People say LOTS of words. The average male coughs up 7,000 of 'em a day. Its 20,000 for the ladies. Sure does get noisy. As we vomit them out,  inflation rises until we can't even…

~William H. Nelson~

February 16, 2018


If I I get ritch before Willie Nelson dies 

I'll hand out quarters at the Bars 

To every person who applies 

Yeah We'll go out & play it loud 


~Overland Trail~

February 15, 2018


I wander the halls trying to make myself look as inconspicuous as possible. It's not really necessary. I'm all but invisible to the majority of the inmates. As I transverse the crowded thoroughfares, I…