March 26, 2018 


Lonely, Lonely way out in the woods 

You're just a kind monster thats misunderstood 

If you need a friend, well then I volunteer 

So when you're done hiding 

I'll buy…


March 26, 2018 


Molecules of Hydrogen & Oxygen 

Assembeld in tandem         

Siamese twins joined at the hip 

Lined up like paratroopers 

From an airborne infantry unit 

Long lost children of Neptune   

~Show Me Ad Astra~

March 24, 2018 


Summer came on like a jet stream      

Having its way with the branches 

Of the White Oak & Flowering Dogwoods   

Until they cursed their creator with sore limbs 

Never knowing…

~Freezer Burn~

March 23, 2018 


Winter felt longer & colder than usual this year

A season both bitter and unforgiving   

Even the mighty Kodiac  

So fierce and immortal just last Summer 

Now nearly starved into…

~Nice Things~

March 20, 2018 


Everyone wants to be a reality star 

Famous for doing nothing, In fact 

Nothing is their favorite thing to do 

So they keep on doin' just that 

Fingers Crossed 

~Last Day of Winter~

March 19, 2018 


Sitting in the middle of an innersection  

43rd and State Line 

2 Wheels in Kansas and 2 in Missouri 

Windshield wipers waving their heart out 

Like a contestant in a…


March 18, 2018 


I woke up in the middle of the night  

Head foggy from delusions of grandeur 

That tend to creep into your head 

After a night out drinking 

A long walk…

~Mudder, Fadder, Brudder~

March 16, 2018


Her face is flushed cherry red 

Ragu corsing inside her veins

Kings James Bible under her arm

She goes door to door  

Like a good Baptist

Spreading the Gospel 

~Pool Party~

March 14, 2018


I'm day dreaming face down  

Swimming pools, movie stars 

Every breath expelled from my lungs 

Transforms carbon dioxide into ginger ale 

Rays of light reflect on ripples in the water 

~Rose Garden~

March 13, 2018 


We've done what we came here to do 

And now we can rest 

Sit with me on a bench 

That overlooks the garden 

Roses named after the Queen of England 

~Milky Way~

March 12, 2018


The stars are stacked in the corner 

against the wall where cobwebs ferment 

Asteroids from the edge of the universe 

Spiraling across the Milky Way  


Cancer & Pisces can…

~Daylight Savings~

March 11, 2018


Love is everywhere you look  

Its wakes up to greet you in the morning 

You can spot it in the Sunday Sunrise 

Stained glass sketches that shine rainbows 

down on…